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Reseña de slot

Golden Idol
RTP 95.88%
Volatilidad MEDIA

Golden Idol

We go to a lost temple in the jungle to discover a lost temple where we can achieve not only a treasure, but a lot of riches while having a good time. This is the Golden Idol online slot from R. Franco Digital. A simple slot machine, with a fast game and controlled risk that we have analyzed so that you know all its secrets.

General Features of Golden Idol Online Slot

The first thing we find in this online slot from R Franco Digital is a layout of five reels by three rows with a total of 20 possible prize lines. In its general dynamics, it is very similar to other slots from the same creator, so if you have played Red Mantis or Timelab Olympic Games, you will surely recognize this creator’s slots quickly.

Here we have few surprises and little room for innovation. R Franco Digital presents us with a fast spin game with low bets, with a maximum of 20 credits per spin and medium volatility. A type of game that is not for all types of players, but it sure deserves a chance as a quick game.

The prize figures will give us low prizes of up to 3 credits if we achieve three equal figures of 10, up to a maximum prize for the five red idols of 2500 credits. And it is that here, as in other slots, the real figures (10, J, Q, and K) award the lowest prizes and the thematic figures, the three idols of blue, green and red colors, will grant the highest prizes.

In addition, each time we obtain a prize, the winning figures will disappear, giving rise to new ones, maintaining the chances of continuing to obtain prizes. Every time we chain a prize, the multiplier that is applied to the prizes and that is located in the right area of ​​the game screen will increase by one point.

As for the extras, this slot has two. The first is the wild, which substitutes for all prize symbols on a line, except the Bonus. The Bonus, in turn, appears as a golden idol that can only appear on reels 1, 2 and 3. If we achieve all three bonuses on a prize line we will enter a round of 10 free spins with the same rules as the game base.

Our Verdict on R Franco Digital’s Golden Idol Online Slot

If you are looking for a fast game with no more complications than having to make prize lines and chain wins and multipliers together, Golden Idol is for you. Although the gameplay is really simple, this slot is worth a try.

Elena Pérez
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